About Us

Little Hooligans is based in our home in Beacon Falls, Connecticut. We have been doing this for the better part of a decade, and it has been a true labor of love. Little Hooligans takes a different approach to the raising and sales of our Shih Tzu litters, and this is why we have had referrals and repeat customers over the years.

We do not believe in caging any of our animals. We let them interact with the rest of the dogs, have their freedom within the pack, and develop their personality. This also begins the process of house breaking your Shih Tzu prior to the pick up date! We do not breed them to be show dogs, instead we raise them to be loving and loyal family companions -- which we feel they are meant to be. We do NOT ship our animals. We do not affiliate with any pet store, large or small. We run a very personal and private home business.. and our customers have repeatedly said that they can tell that we love our animals. We have built a great family, both in our home as well as extending to our happy customers.

A unique perk of purchasing your next four legged family member from Little Hooligans is that you can view them and even put down a deposit as early as when they are two weeks old. In addition, we gladly invite you to visit them and watch them grow and take their first steps! I guarantee we will have updates to give you and let you know exactly what your puppy has been up to in the weeks leading up to your pick up date!

All of this is meant to make this more than a transaction. It is a personal experience that you cannot get at a chain pet store, or honestly any other breeder we've heard of. We encourage you to ask questions, share stories, and we will make it absolutely sure that this will be the end of the search for you perfect family Shih Tzu!

~ Dave & Terri Salerno

Prices as of August 2012 are $500.00, including a $50.00 deposit.

All of our animals are checked by the wonderful staff over at Country Companions Veterinary Services, LLC.